Chemistry Add-in for Word

Version 1.0 release

We are launching the Chemistry Add-in for Microsoft Word v. 1.0 on 1 February 2011 and are also pleased to announce that we have become part of the Outercurve Foundation ( in theresearch accelerators gallery.

The release version of the program is available from the downloads page along with the source code as a .ZIP package. The source code is also available under mercurial from the Source Code tab. Since our beta release in March 2010 we have been making several usability improvements including an improved 2D editor, some bug fixes, and also a completely refactored codebase. The package names have been changed to better reflect what they are doing, we have added new packages and we have moved various pieces of code (for example the navigator) from one package to another.


The Chem4Word Project ( began in 2008 as a collaboration between Microsoft Research and the University of Cambridge, designed to make it easier to insert and modify chemical information (labels, formulas, 2-D depictions, etc.) from within Microsoft Office Word, and also to have the chemical information stored and manipulated in a semantically rich manner.

On March 22, 2010, at the ACS meeting in San Francisco, CA, we announced the availability of a beta build, and we are now launching Chem4Word as an open source project overseen by Dr Joe Townsend.

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